The deadline for submitting abstracts of articles is 01/05/2022.

The deadline for submitting the articles is 15/05/2022.

After a positive review, the submitted articles will be published in a scientific monograph and sent to participants after the conference. Each of the articles will be a chapter of a monograph. A chapter in a monograph should be understood as a scientific study of at least 1 publishing sheet (ie 20,000 characters including spaces).

Works prepared in accordance with the following recommendations should be sent by post to the secretariat (printout of the work with the CD) or by e-mail to the following address:

The materials will be published in a scientific monograph after positive reviews. Works prepared not in accordance with the following recommendations will not be accepted for publication.

In the headline of the article in the following order: title of the work (in the author's and English language), name and surname of the author (s), name of the institution (font size - 12 points, bold, centered) and keywords (in the author's and English language) and abstract (in author's language and in English).

Figures, charts and tables numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals may be included in the text or at the end of the study.

Work layout: work title, work author (s), institution, keywords, abstract in the author's language, abstract in English, introduction (introduction), work objectives, research material and methods, research results, discussion (summary) and conclusions , literature.

Margins: top - 5 cm, bottom - 5 cm, left - 4 cm, right - 4 cm.

Text: justified, font size - 11 points, typeface - Times New Roman, line spacing - single, chapter titles - centered and bold, pages unnumbered, words not hyphenated.

List of references according to the formula:

Referencing in the text to the position of the literature includes only the name of the cited author and the year of publication in parentheses, e.g. (Wolańska 1996), and in the case of more than 3 authors, it should be noted (Trześniowski et al. 1990), footnotes.

III Międzynarodowy Kongres Naukowy Ratownictwa